I’m Alex, a German girl living at the Jersey shore with my husband Paul, my daughter Olivia, and our tuxedo cat, Mimsie.

I was born and raised in Germany, where growing up meant eating hearty foods like dark wholegrain breads, meats and sausages, dairy, and more dairy.

On Saturday mornings, my dad would always take me to our small town’s outdoor farmers market to get our weekly supply of locally-grown veggies and fruit. The delicious smell of the Bratwurst stand nearby would usually lure us over and we’d get a couple of the most delectable Bratwursts on Kaiser rolls. We could choose from two different brats, one called “die Weissi” (the white) and the other, “die Rodi” (the red), each made with different meat (I get hungry just thinking about it). Friends of my father, who owned a farm, would supply us with fresh eggs and milk, and the occasional homemade blood sausage. So, after the market we’d take the drive out to this farm in the middle of the forest for our dairy.

On Sundays, my parents and I would usually go to lunch in the Lorraine /Alsace region of France, (just a 15-minute drive across the border from our town of Pirmasens, Germany). I remember always being the first ones to arrive at the restaurant and pretty much the very last ones to leave the place. Now, as a child, having to sit at a table for hours wasn’t exactly what I called a fun time – slowly moving from one course to the next, finally getting through dessert only watch my dad light up his cigar while swirling his Calvados in the other hand, which meant we were staying for at least another hour. Exhausting! As I got older, I learned to appreciate the time spent at the table with good food, family and friends. And I got to taste some of the most amazing cuisine on those trips with my parents, from which stems my love for food

Alas, came a time in my life (my 30’s) where all the rich food I ate growing up, just didn’t agree with my tummy anymore. It started weighing me down… in other words, I felt bloated all the time! I didn’t realize it at the time, but what I really needed to do to feel lighter and better was to change the way I was eating.

Luckily, a close friend of mine asked me to join a weight loss challenge with her. Thinking I didn’t really need to lose that much weight, I was reluctant to join at first. But, oh my gosh, it turned out to be a complete eye-opener for me! I learned about clean eating and wholesome foods and it even led me to discover vegan and raw food, too. But most importantly, it changed the way I felt and I even lost a few pounds, to boot!

Occasionally I still like to indulge, because really, who doesn’t love a treat!

I love to eat pretty much anything and trying out a new recipe always gets me excited.

There used to be a time when my husband complained I’d never cook the same dish twice. To me, there are so many wonderful dishes out there, why always cook the same things, right?

Anyhoo, I hope you’ll join me in discovering new dishes that will leave you satisfied AND feeling good.